When I was in London for a few days with my son Orion after the 2016 Keswick Mountain Festival, we stopped in at the Charing Cross Road Foyle's Books and its overwhelming kilometers of shelves. As much as I wanted half the books in the store, we agreed to limit ourselves to one book each. My choice … Continue reading Goals

Always learning: lessons from students

I've had a couple of terrific experiences with students over the past few weeks-- from teaching a two-week intensive class titled Resilience, Complexity, and Flow at Sterling College--to meeting with hundreds of students at Cannon School in Concord, NC last week. Each of these gave me a chance to have some powerful and important conversations about what it means … Continue reading Always learning: lessons from students

Beyond Ambivalence: Forward from Paris

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change was finalized and shared with the public last week (much to the apparent celebration of many, ambivalence of some, and criticism of others). The very fact that there is such an agreement is clearly a necessary step for our global conversation about climate change, adaptation, and resilience. And of course, with any agreement … Continue reading Beyond Ambivalence: Forward from Paris

a good morning

I guess I'm still getting used to Standard Time, but when I finally got out of bed and looked out of our windows to the east this morning, I was humbled by the glorious sunrise that greeted me. So, although I was a bit late for a quick morning run with Dragon (we will both need to wait … Continue reading a good morning

Please help fund Kjölur Run and build Climate Resilience

Any project like Kjölur Run depends upon partners, sponsors, and friends to help with everything from logistical support to training to helping build a scholarship fund for students. As part of the next step, I've launched a fundraising page for Kjölur Run on Indiegogo. Please have a look, and, if you can, lend your support. It would mean … Continue reading Please help fund Kjölur Run and build Climate Resilience