Pavel’s highly visual and dynamic presentations on Climate Run and Resilience help audiences explore how moving through a landscape can more intentionally connect us with the natural world. The Climate Run and Resilience presentation weaves together the story of running 360 kilometers through a remote, mountainous region of Arctic Scandinavia over 8 days in August 2017 with reflections on our relationship with our environment.

Two key parts of Pavel’s presentation look at, first, how we are all as much a part of the ecological systems in which we live as we are a part of our own bodies, and second, how it is critically important, moving forward, that we reframe our narrative around climate change to be one of resilience rather than one of crisis and catastrophe.

Through vivid photos, video, and engaging storytelling, Pavel traces the connection between athletics and resilience helps audiences find ways to build a new ecological paradigm that is inclusive, intentional, and understanding of our roles in a complex world.

Pavel is a veteran of more than 20 years of teaching and public speaking, and since completing his first ultra-distance trail run across New Hampshire’s White Mountains in 1989, he has been running and following his love of adventure around the world. He is Associate Dean of Academics, Faculty of Environmental Humanities, and Director of Athletics at Vermont’s Sterling College. The author of many articles and books on the environment, Pavel has inspired audiences to transform thinking and help build a more resilient approach to both our local ecology and the global climate.

Recent Presentations & Workshops:


Thursday, March 27, 2018
Green Mountain Club Visitor Center
Waterbury, VT


December 13, 2017
Albany Community School
Albany, VT

October 14, 2017
Northwoods Stewardship Center
East Charleston, VT

Ecology as a Model for Teaching
Thursday, March 9, 2017
Austin, TX

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Craftsbury Outdoor Center
Craftsbury, VT


Saturday, Nov 4, 2016
Whitney Center
Jackson, NH

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016
Sterling College
Craftsbury Common, VT

Monday, Feb 22, 2016
Cannon School
Concord, NC

Friday, Feb 19, 2016
Green Mountain Club Taylor Series Talk
Green Mountain Club HQ
Waterbury, VT

Thursday, Jan 14, 2016
Albany Community Middle School
Albany, VT


Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015
Craftsbury Middle School
Craftsbury Common, VT

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015
Catamount Trail Association Annual Meeting
Green Mountain Club HQ
Waterbury, VT

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015
Hathaway Brown School
Shaker Heights
Cleveland, OH

Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015
Mansfield Nordic Club Annual Meeting
Town Hall, Underhill, VT

Thursday, Sep. 24, 2015
Outdoor Gear Exchange
Burlington, VT

Monday, June 22, 2015
University Center of the Westfjords
Isafjordur, Iceland

Thursday, May 28, 2015
‘The Climate Run Project: Athletes and Climate Resilience’
New Narratives of the Postcolonial Arctic
Roskilde University
Roskilde, Denmark

For more information, please contact Pavel.

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