Dartmoor Tors

On 20 October 2019, I began running Tors in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. I moved to Devon earlier in October and was immediately drawn to Dartmoor — the largest national park in southern England — and its miles of open moorland, low swales of grasses and gorse, and valleys of moss-draped oak.

I plan to complete 200 tors by October 20, 2020.

This land, both other-worldly and intimately grounding, is punctuated by more than 300 granite outcrops ranging from more than 600 meters in elevation to boulder piles nestled among lowland copses.

This page is a record of all the tors I’ve visited. Along the way, I have climbed several that are not on standard lists of tors [as with any peak-bagging enterprise, there are lively debates about what constitutes a tor, which ones are publically accessible, and so on], but I am principally using the Cornwall and Devon Long Distance Walkers Association list of tors as a reference, although I have made a few amendments based on Max Piper’s Tor Bagger website and the wonderful book Dartmoor Tors Compendium by Josephine Collingwood.

Tracking data for all Tors below can be found on my Strava account.

20 October 2019

Bell Tor

Bonehill Rocks

Chinkwell Tor

Combestone Tor

Corndon Tor

Haytor Rocks

Holwell Tor

Honeybag Tor

Hound Tor (Manaton)

Pil Tor

Rippon Tor

Saddle Tor

Sharp Tor (Dartmeet)

Top Tor

Yar Tor

9 November 2019

Combeshead Tor

Down Tor

Leather Tor

Lowery Tor

Sharpitor (Burrator)


10 November 2019

Black Tor (Meavy)

Butterdon Hill

Cramber Tor

Emsworthy Rocks

Great Gnats Head

Hart Tor (Meavy)

South Hessary Tor

Three Barrows

Western Beacon

1 December 2019

Black Tor (West Okement)

High Willhays

Yes Tor (Okement)

West Mill Tor

7 December 2019

Cox Tor

Feather Tor

Great Staple Tor

Heckwood Tor

Hucken Tor

Kings Tor

Little Kings Tor

Little Staple Tor

Middle Staple Tor

Pew Tor

Roos Tor

Stampford Tor

Vixen Tor

8 December 2019

Aish Tor

Bel Tor

Bench Tor

Leigh Tor

Mel Tor

14 December 2019

Bellever Tor

Laughter Tor

Hartland Tor

Stannon Tor

15 December 2019

Buckland Beacon

Hollow Tor

Tunhill Rocks

20 December 2019

Black Tor (Shipley Bridge)

Shipley Tor

21 December 2019


Nat Tor

Ger Tor

Tavy Cleave Tors

Sharp Tor, Tavy Cleave

Chat Tor

Hare Tor

Sharp Tor, Beardon

12 January 2020

Scarey Tor

Hart Tor

East Mill Tor

Steeperton Tor

Wild Tor

Hound Tor

Metheral Hill

Oke Tor

Knattaborough Tor

Winter Tor

Higher Tor

Belstone Tor

Tor’s End Tor

18 January 2020


Harton Tor / Harton Chest

Raven Tor

Hunter’s Tor

Manaton Rocks

Cripdon Down Tor

Bowerman’s Nose

19 January 2020

Beardown Tor

Lydford Tor

Devil’s Tor

Fur Tor

Rough Tor

Crow Tor

25 January 2020

Ugborough Beacon

3 February 2020

Crockern Tor

Littaford Tor

Longaford Tor

29 February 2020

Hameldown Tor

Hookney Tor

Hameldown Beacon

16 May 2020

Western White Barrow

Eastern White Barrow

15 June 2020

Smallacombe Rocks

20 June 2020

Hangingstone Hill

Whitehorse Hill

Cut Hill

Okement Hill

Brat Tor

26 July 2020

Scorhill Tor

Kestor Rocks

Thornworthy Tor

Middle Tor

Sittaford Tor

Watern Tor and Thirlstone

Little Hound Tor

Rival Tor

5 September 2020

Doe Tor

Arms Tor

Little Links Tor

Great Links Tor

Higher Dunna Goat Tor

Lower Dunna Goat Tor

Green Tor

Kitty Tor

Lints Tor

Dinger Tor


Hunt Tor

Gren Tor

12 September 2020

Boulters Tor

White Tor

Conies Down Tor

Lynch Tor

Limsboro Cairn

Little Combe Tor

Great Combe Tor

Longtimber Tor

Hollow Tor

North Hessary Tor

Hearne Hole Tor

Rundlestone Tor

20 September 2020


Higher Hartor Tor

Lower Hartor Tor

Little Gnat’s Head Tor

Calveslake Tor

Shavercombe and Shavercombe Falls Tors

Hen Tor

Shell Top

Penn Beacon

Great Trowlesworthy Tor

Little Trowlesworthy Tor

Shadyback Tor

Legis Tor

Eastern Tor

Gutter Tor

Whittenknowles Rocks

Middleworth Tor

Snappers Tor

Little Down Tor

Clay Tor

26 September 2020

Collard Tor

Hawks Tor

Luxton Tor

Rook Tor

Broomage Tor

Crownhill Tor

Whitehill Tor

Blackalder Tor

Maiden Tor

Narrow Tor

Burra Tor

Leeden Tor

Little Leeden Tor

Ingra Tor

Little Mis Tor

Great Mis Tor

4 October 2020

Wind Tor

Rowden Tor

King Tor

Shapley Tor

Birch Tor

10 October 2020

Pinchaford Tor

Bag Tor

Little Emsworthy

Cold Moor Tor

Greator Rocks

Hedge Down Tor