“Running In the Age of Climate Change” — Article

I’m super stoked to be featured in the new story, “Running in the Age of Climate Change” by Rhiannon Russell in the November/December issue of Candian Running Magazine. 

The article (not yet on Canadian Running’s website, but shown below) highlights the ways that a number of runners engage climate change on a range of levels. One highlight from the story:

Cenkl’s view is holistic: “If you can leverage the impact that you’re having to have a net positive result, and perhaps build a stronger community or build some . . . relationships across interna­tional boundaries that help to create an international climate initiative or something like that, I think it’s certainly more than worth it.”

This is what he’s trying to do with Climate Run. He often talks about the importance of strong communities, which may at first seem unrelated to tackling climate change on the global stage. But he explains: “If we’re continuing to disagree and struggle and fight with one another on the community level, how can we possibly make some more meaningful outside change?”


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