Dispatches from Iceland #3: Training Days

This weekend is Hatið Hafsins in Reykjavik, the Festival of the Sea, which Orion and I spent visiting ships, looking for puffins, and generally being caught up in maritime merriment.

Yesterday, however, we went to Rauðavatn, a lake just inside the Reykjavik city limits that has some great trails–although no map that we could find, so we took a turn or two down sandy horse trails before we found a nice loop over the park’s high point. Orion was kind enough to take a quick video of me on our training foray around the loop…



Only a week to go before I start the trans-Icelandic run. There are a few more training runs out on the trails I want to do early in the week before a geothermal-pool-soaked week’s end taper before Monday’s big day.

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