Help support stewardship & build resilience in Vermont!

I am super excited to share that as part of the 2018 Vermont Climate Run, I am fundraising to support three exemplary organizations who continue to lead the way in terms of stewardship, conservation, recreation, and education in our state:

Staff, interns, members, and volunteers across the state (and beyond!) do the challenging work of maintaining trails, negotiating access, implementing conservation and land use plans, and educating people of all ages about the unique and complex forest and mountain ecosystems throughout Vermont.

All donations for the 2018 Vermont Climate Run (via the NorthWoods Stewardship Center’s donation portal) are tax-deductible and will be distributed to the three organizations at the beginning of September. If you can afford even a small donation, please do! 

There are certainly many many organizations making great progress in building strong, resilient relationships between communities and the natural world around them, these three stand out:

The Green Mountain Club was formed in 1910 to build the Long Trail, which was completed in 1930 and is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the U.S. Today, the GMC serves a critical role in maintaining the trail system’s 445 miles of footpaths, educating the public about land use and conservation, and protecting the Long Trail corridor from development.

The NorthWoods Stewardship Center in East Charleston, VT, was founded in 1989 to pursue its mission to “Connect people and place through science, education and action.” The Center’s year-round educational programs, seasonal trail crews, and conservation initiatives reach across all of New England to help build a more resilient human and ecological connections.

Catamount Trail Association

Founded in 1984, The Catamount Trail Association maintains the 300-mile long Catamount Backcountry Ski Trail from the Massachusetts state line to the Canadian border. Through conservation, advocacy, and education work, the CTA works to realize its vision “to create a future in which Vermont is home to a world-class network of locally-supported winter backcountry trails and terrain accessible to outdoor travelers of all abilities and means.”

I urge you to visit these folks to learn more and to support the continuing work of these great Vermont organizations


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